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If you belong to a local group that would like to learn beekeeping skills to help reduce poverty, and if you are happy to use sustainable and affordable technologies, please contact us and see if we can help you.

This page is for representatives of communities who feel that Bees Abroad could help them start, or expand their beekeeping activities

Many people can gain from Bee farming. Women farmers are often the poorest people in any area. The income from one bee-hive can provide enough money to pay for a child’s primary education. Where honey is not sold it can be a valuable and popular addition to the family diet. Honey, wax and propolis are recognised traditionally for their medicinal properties.

Young, unemployed men with little or no role in society, often turn to alcohol which is costly and disruptive to their society. Some may leave the rural community to seek work in towns which often leads to rural depopulation and slum urban development. Bee farming can give young men an acceptable way of life and an income based in the local community, keeping families intact, and providing a skill that can be passed from father to son.

Traditional bee farmers can earn more money from improved honey yield and adopting more productive beekeeping methods. Bees Abroad can provide training in effective honey harvesting techniques and management of bees.

Bee farmers can get better prices for good quality honey. We can provide access to training in management and marketing skills.

Local farmers can benefit from increased harvest due to improved pollination from good beekeeping practice and less destructive harvesting.

Criteria for Project Support

Bees Abroad provides support for the relief of poverty. Projects must be sustainable, and not dependent on constant financial input from outside of the area or on one person’s input.

Projects must promote the use of sustainable and affordable technology. We do not support projects that use inappropriate beehive technology or unsuitable, or imported species of honey bee.

Bees Abroad supports constituted groups who are legally registered by the laws of the recipient country. We do not support individuals.

Please note we do not provide money to fund projects. We provide training and support to build skills that will be used to set up and maintain beekeeping projects within a community.

How to apply

If you feel you meet our application criteria, then fill out OUR ENQUIRY FORM

Note that the form needs to be completed in a single session, so you may wish to download Word version of the application form.

For information prior to completing the form please email our administrator at

Alternatively, write to our Administrator, Veronica Brown at PO Box 2058, Thornbury Bristol BS35 9AF