Meet our Project Leaders

We have an expanding team of experienced beekeepers who work with small communities who require our help.  These include:

Brian Durk – instrumental in starting the Kom Beekeeping Project in Cameroon in 1997 prior to the setting up of ‘Bees Abroad’.  In his time with us he has been Project Manager and Fundraiser.  Presently he manages projects in Cameroon.

Julian Willford – an experienced Beekeeper who has taken his skills to Mwanze in Tanzania.

Adebisi New – works as our country manager with a focus on Nigeria

Roy Dyche – a retired teacher and teacher-trainer, spent much of his working life in Africa. He took up beekeeping fifteen years ago and has managed our project near Uganda’s Lake Albert since 2008. He is also quite familiar with beekeeping in Zambia, having recently travelled 2000 miles round that country collecting material for a BBC radio programme on its honey industry. He is a member of the Dover and District Beekeepers’ Association.

Richard Ridler – Uganda

John Home – Kenya

Martin Kunz – India

David Blower – Tanzania

David Bonner – Uganda

Mike Madgwick – Tanzania

Trisha Marlow – Ghana

Jo Hiscox – Cameroon

Stuart Andrews – Uganda

Dawn Williamson – Rwanda

Neil Brent – Sierra Leone

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