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April 19, 2023

The Green Story & Binti the Bee

Welcome to the world of Binti, a busy little bee in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The Bee and the Elephant

One morning, as Binti is flying over the beautiful Ugandan landscape,  where fields border a wildlife reserve, she notices a problem: elephants are raiding farmers’ crops.  In just one night, these gentle giants can eat or destroy a whole season’s harvest of food,  posing a threat to the food security of the community.

Sometimes, in desperation, farmers resort to killing elephants to protect their crops. Binti wants to help and decides to work with the farmers with beehives on fences bordering their fields. The elephants are afraid of bees, just the sound and sight of them can turn them away. Binti and the bees are happily keeping the peace between elephants and farmers.

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The Bee and the Bean

Impressed by Binti’s dedication, the farmers invite her to join the other bees in their pollinating team. Binti and her fellow bees visit the farmers’ field pollinating their crops of beans and cotton, tomatoes and pumpkins, helping increase the yield.  

The Bee and the Tree

Next, Binti flies off to a traditional African beehive set up by a local community in the forest. Here, she joins other bees in pollinating the flowers of different local trees. In doing so, the bees help to grow the forest and provide food and habitat for other species. Binti then visits a tree village nursery where she explores different trees that are being grown for fruit, shade, firewood and live fences by the beekeeping community which helps further strengthen the local environment. 

The Bee and the Honey

At the end of a busy day Binti returns to her hive where she helps to make honey.  Some of the honey is carefully collected by a beekeeper who uses it not only for income and food, but also for its health benefits. The beekeeper explains how honey can help with wounds and illness due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

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