Learn more about Beekeeping in Developing Countries

Why not invite a speaker to a regular meeting or larger event? Many of our project managers, trustees and other volunteers are available to present a talk at your beekeeping association. We also speak at WI, Rotary Club, Soroptomist, college and senior school events and meetings. Some are also experienced presenters at larger county or national events and conferences. Either send us an email or contact the individual below who most meets your needs.

As a guideline, we don’t charge a fee, but most organisations give a donation of around £60 plus they often organise a raffle or allow us to sell gift cards and cards or take a collection. Expenses to cover the cost of travel would be appreciated too.

Here is our Speaker List

Stuart Andrews: South East, Canterbury, Dover
Beekeeping in Africa
email: stuart_andrews@beesabroad.org.uk

Andrew Beer: Bedford and UK
Bees and the Law
email: Andrew Beer

David Bonner, Master Beekeeper: Midlands
email: dave_bonner@beesabroad.org.uk

Jo Hiscox: Nottingham
Beekeeping in Cameroon
email: jo_hiscox@beesabroad.org.uk

John (Master Beefarmer) and Mary Home: Midlands
Beekeeping in Kenya – How we improved the lives of 900 communities in Kenya
email: john_home@beesabroad.org.uk

Martin Kunz: London and one hour outside (public transport)
The World Beyond Apis Mellifera: Beekeeping in Asia Beekeeping in India, Apis Dorsata, Apis Florea, Apis Cerana – threats and opportunities
email: martin_kunz@beesabroad.org.uk

Trisha Marlow, Master Beekeeper and Project Manager; UK anywhere 
Bees, Beekeeping and the Reason Why – highly visual talk on beekeeping mainly in West Africa for beekeeping groups
Bees Abroad, the What, How and Why – talk for non-beekeeping groups and potential donors
email: trisha_marlow@beesabroad.org.uk

Bisi New: Wiltshire
Beekeeping in Nigeria
email: bisi_new@beesabroad.org.uk

Richard and Jane Ridler, Master Beekeepers: East Anglia, London & Home Counties
Adventures in African Beekeeping – A comparison between beekeeping practice in the UK and Africa.
Beekeeping in Africa and the Relief of Poverty
email: richard_ridler@beesabroad.org.uk

Venetia Rist – Norfolk and East Anglia
My adventures in the Batwa tribe in Uganda
email: Venetia Rist

Julian Willford: East Devon and Somerset
Beekeeping in Tanzania
email: julian_willford@beesabroad.org.uk

Dawn Williamson and Paul Bloch: Devon and Cornwall
Bees, honey and money – how bees can help lift people out of poverty in Africa
email: dawn_williamson@beesabroad.org.uk


For those kind enough to run a fundraising event, we have leaflets available for your stand. Please order from the shop or contact info@beesabroad.org.uk and we will be pleased to send them to you.

Collecting tins are available from our shop. We just ask you to keep an eye on the tin and empty it occasionally!

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