Celebrate World Bee Day: Sponsor a Beekeeping Project in Sierra Leone

Excitement is in the air for these farmers in Sierra Leone this World Bee Day! These “farmers on crutches” are enthusiastically looking forward to becoming beekeepers. This single leg amputee farming community are keen to integrate beekeeping into the farming training which they are already involved in. Watch the video to see the amazing work they are doing here!

To celebrate World Bee Day this year, we are inviting you to sponsor beekeeping projects across Africa, and here you have the opportunity to support these farmers who have suffered leg amputations during the Sierra Leone civil war. Bees Abroad is working with Sierra Leone Amputee Sports Association and Sierra Leone Permaculture & Agro-ecological Farm to provide beekeeping training in conjunction with sustainable farming.

By sponsoring this project for World Bee Day, you can help to get these farmers started! They are placing their first ten hives at their farm and will begin with a two week internship for three potential trainers during honey harvest. They are working through the issues they need to address in order to teach safe methods of beekeeping for people with one leg.

Then the plan will be to start training the first 15 to 20 trainees at the Farmers on Crutches Farm! And this is where you can make the difference!

Please consider supporting this life-changing project!

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