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Placeholder- Vision: Empowering communities through sustainable beekeeping


We are Bees Abroad, working to enable communities to empower themselves through sustainable beekeeping

Our Partners

Together with local beekeeper trainers and organisations we educate, guide, and mentor communities in locally appropriate beekeeping, business creation, and protecting the environment.

Building Community Driven Societal Change

We remove barriers and create opportunities. Bees Abroad Projects are led by the community and grown from within the community. Beekeeping is an inclusive and accessible way for communities to collaborate and learn new skills.

Business Creation and Access to Market

Beekeeping provides an additional income through selling honey, creating micro-businesses, and training local communities.

Promoting Biodiversity and Conservation

As well as the impact on livelihoods, there is the significant benefit to the environment as forests are protected, trees are planted, biodiversity is encouraged and crops yields increased.

Why Beekeeping?

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Beekeeping is a sustainable, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly way for communities to generate an income and a food source, and to build and grow a business.

There is a significant opportunity to increase honey production in the countries we work in. Demand for honey exceeds supply and conditions are often well suited to beekeeping.

Kenya is reported to produce only 14.6% of its potential honey production levels and Tanzania only 13.8%. ¹

This can be linked to a lack of policies, investment, training and knowledge.

Our projects offer the opportunity to not only increase honey production in communities but to do so sustainably using local beekeeping practices and knowledge.

We have seen first-hand the diverse impact beekeeping has. Working with a strong network of in-country partners, communities receive training, support, and guidance in building and inspecting hives, locally sourcing equipment, harvesting and processing honey and setting up micro-businesses.

Our Projects

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The Team

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Our Values

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Sustainability is at the
heart of what we do. Projects are led by locally appropriate practices (something about helping the environment)


Bees Abroad is committed to community-led development and bringing communities together.

Community Led

Bees Abroad projects are unique in that each project is designed and implemented directly with and by the community. 


This leads to enabling communities to empower themselves through beekeeping. 

Accessible and Inclusive

Bees Abroad work with rural communities where beekeeping skills and knowledge isn’t easily accessible. 


By providing mentorship and training to beekeeping communities, we enable them to become self-sustaining, ensuring that success continues to expand to new communities and future generations


Bees Abroad works with rural communities where beekeeping skills and knowledge aren’t easily accessible. 
This way we ensure marginalised individuals, communities facing hardship, or those living in hard to reach communities can benefit from beekeeping training.


Bees Abroad understands the importance of collaboration. We work in partnership with NGOs, organisations, and charities to help provide skills and opportunities.
Bees Abroad is committed to community-led development and bringing communities together.


Bees Abroad projects are unique in that each project is designed and implemented directly with and by individuals in the community.
Together with our in-country partners, and community members we identify and assess challenges faced, and then collaboratively design sustainable projects that address these needs.


We want to see success expanding from community to community and generation to generation. 
Each Bees Abroad project is led by the community and grows from within. We ensure projects can continue to be managed locally, are suited to the local climate, and use local materials to make equipment. Once communities gain the skills and experience, they are able to replicate projects and share knowledge around beekeeping, business creation, and environmental care.


To Bees Abroad, empowerment goes beyond our projects and participant involvement. It refers to the lasting impact our work has.
Our projects give people the skills and expertise to own their projects and take action that makes social, economic, and environmental change. We work to see project participants gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to empower themselves, their families and community by earning an income through beekeeping.


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.
Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our work, projects, values, and impact are all shaped under three key pillars of sustainability - Social, Economic, and Environmental.

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