Exciting funding news from DFID

UK AID - Standard - 4CWe are delighted to be able to announce that Bees Abroad has secured major funding from the UK Department for International Aid (DFID) for a three-year project to alleviate poverty through advancing beekeeping skills and supporting bio-conservation and bio-enterprise in the arid and semi-arid land (ASAL) in the Kenyan district of Laikipia.  Our chairman, John Home might be interviewed with Lyn Featherstone, Minister for Overseas Development on BBC radio 4 at lunchtime on 24th December 2013 (subject to the ever-changing news priorities).  Jimmy Doherty, one of Bees Abroad’s patrons, commented enthusiastically on the project, saying “It’s wonderful to think that 900 households will be given beekeeping skills that can be used straight away and then handed on to future generations.”

The full press release can be inspected here: Bees Abroad301213

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