Happy Birthday Bees Abroad as we turn 21

In a small corner of Wales, 21 years ago, a group of four beekeepers gathered.

As a result ‘Bees Abroad’ was born on 18 April 1999.

As beekeepers, they had recognised the power of beekeeping to provide a sustainable incremental income for households in the poorest of communities worldwide.

They pooled their knowledge and experience and adopted the mission that remains unchanged today, the relief of poverty through beekeeping.

During those 21 years, well over 100 projects have touched the lives of around 50,000 people helping them to build livelihoods that enable them to increase their income.

Celebrating 21 years of Bees Abroad

Article in Bee Craft magazine, March 2020 by Clare Waring, Founding Trustee of Bees Abroad

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