Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Uganda

This project led by CIBIC (Community Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation) and funded by Bees Abroad is right at the entrance to the Forest. The project supports the Bwindi Batwa tribe who were hunter gathers until they were forcibly ejected from the forest. You will:

Meet the Batwa who will explain their beekeeping, their cultural heritage and their history of honey hunting in the forest.
Visit the CIBIC resource centre where honey is processed and learn more about the project. Meals are available too.
Have the opportunity to buy honey and other locally produced products.
Learn about the natural history of the Batwa and their cultural values.
You will definitely enjoy the Batwa dance in the wilderness
You will visit the Batwa traditional homestead and experience their culture
Note: These projects are run by local communities for the benefit of their community. Bees Abroad has no responsibility for the visit and arrangements are made entirely at the visitor’s own risk.



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