Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve – Kenya

The village of Kishermoruak is a short drive from the reserve entrance. Here Bees Abroad supports and trains a group of 30 women – “The Mothers of Kishermoruak”. Depending on the timing of your visit you may:

  • Meet representatives of the group, share a meal and learn how they use income from the project to educate their daughters, preventing them being forced into early marriages.
  • Learn all about local beekeeping practices and visit some of the hives out in the bush. See the honey processing building and shop that the women have built themselves.
  • Taste and buy local honey, body creams, soap, polish and candles made by the group. Try making these products under the supervision of the women themselves. If time allows you may also be able to visit a local market where the products are sold.
  • As the village is close to the Maasai Mara game reserve it is possible to combine a visit to Kishermoruak village with a game drive in the reserve. This would entail an overnight stop at a local tented hotel. The reserve has all the iconic Kenyan safari wildlife and if the visit is in July/August then you would be able to experience the Wildebeest Migration – one of the wonders of the natural world.

Note: These projects are run by local communities for the benefit of their community.  Bees Abroad has no responsibility for the visit and arrangements are made entirely at the visitor’s own risk.


Phone: 254 723 850339

Mercy Mburu