This project started in September 2017, teaching pupils at the Okun Owa grammar school about keeping bees and producing and marketing hive products.

The project involves ten students from OkunOwa Grammar School; four from the senior school, aged up to 18 years, and six from the junior school, aged up to fourteen years.

Partnership Manager: Bisi New

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In May 2019, a two-year project was started in Bagaldi, Kaduna State, Nigeria. The state produces a variety of crops – the main ones close to the project area are maize and sorghum.

Beekeeping is organised by the Beekeeping Extension Society; a small but effective organisation based in Zaria, Kaduna State. It is led by Idris Barau retired Head of Beekeeping for the Kaduna State Agriculture Development Project.

Keeping bees provides an additional income stream through honey production, and by increasing crop pollination – benefitting farmer income in both ways.

Partnership Manager: Brian Durk

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