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Turning Women Farmers into Beekeepers Before 2020, there had not been a beekeeping project solely targeting women in Dowa around Kongwe Forest Reserve. As such, the Dowa Women Beekeeping Project by ICAD with support from Bees Abroad, has enabled women to take up beekeeping as a supplementary means of improving their livelihoods. The project comes … Continue reading Dowa Women Beekeeping Project – Malawi

Meet Merioth (in blue above) showcasing her value added hive products. Merioth trained in ‘value added products’ at the Nairobi Beekeeping Institute and through the mentoring of Bees Abroad Merioth now shares her expertise – training community groups in Kenya in ‘hive value addition’. Merioth has her own honey business, ‘Nomo’, that sells honey, hive … Continue reading Meet Merioth – Kenyan Honey Entrepreneur and Consultant

Grace buys honey in bulk from beekeepers in the surrounding villages. Her shop is in the central market area of Kasese. Old Shoe Lane sounds quaint….vendors are lined up outside selling second hand shoes. Honey is carried often for many hours starting before dawn to avoid the heat of the day. On arrival beekeepers take … Continue reading Meet Grace – Honey Shop Entrepreneur

Covid19 hasn’t stopped beekeeping activity for the Jireh Women Beekeepers in Kisoro Uganda. They have been busy painting their Bee Haven where they store shared beekeeping equipment such as protective clothing and honey buckets. They use a local design of hive made from wicker covered in mud and dung, it’s just like wattle and daub. … Continue reading The Traditional Hives of the Jireh Women, Uganda

Meet Muhindo looking after her hives in the Kinyamaseke Youth Apiary At Bees Abroad we are always heartened to hear of the exciting progress made as our participants acquire the skills to be Beekeepers For Life. This letter from Nzagale, the Executive Director of Kinyamaseke Youth in Development – Uganda, demonstrates the fierce pride our … Continue reading Meet Muhindo – Dynamic Young Beekeeper

A Great Start for 26 Rural Women Attending Their First Beekeeping Training Seminar! Bees Abroad’s latest Beekeepers For Life project is on Kome, an island of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. When the community of Nyamkolechiwa asked our partner, Emmanuel International, for help to start a beekeeping project, this was an amazing opportunity for Bees Abroad … Continue reading Kome Island – Exciting First Steps For Our Newest Project

In discussing the skincare products they make the exchange took an unexpected turn. “Before my husband did not appreciate my face – now he finds me very attractive. He will even look after my shop so that I have time to prepare for cooperative meetings..” Another lady commented “When we’re not looking the men use … Continue reading Masai Women’s Cooperative, Kenya.. Seeing the Funny Side of Beekeeping For Life

Meet Eva From the Rwenzori Rural Talent Women Empowerment Project in Uganda. Our local project leader spoke with Eva this month and Eva told her how her beekeeping training had resulted in a welcome additions to the family: “During the lockdown I was very busy looking after my apiary very well through feeding the bees … Continue reading Meet Eva – Lockdown, Bees and Goats

Friday 15th, October was the International Day of Rural Women with the theme “Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All.” Bees Abroad want to celebrate and recognise the critical role and contribution of rural women, in enhancing development and improving food security. Through our Beekeepers for Life Campaign we are working closely with incredible rural … Continue reading International Day of Rural Women

Led by Kyakimwa Janet the all women Mrs Honey Bee Group have made a great start. Their first shared apiaries are next to areas of National Park which provide particularly good nectar sources. Here they are making hive stands and baiting hives. The project has been attracting interest in the area from local officials and … Continue reading Mrs. Honey Bee Group Members Open Their First Apiary

At Bees Abroad the Local Groups Set Their Own Agenda The Bees Abroad approach always starts and ends with the Beekeepers For Life setting their own agenda. Establishing their own objectives provides the essential element of ownership and without this foundational approach sustainability is impossible to achieve. “It’s Our Agenda”…  Say The Beekeepers of Liberia … Continue reading Setting The Agenda

Read about how Bees Abroad is supporting International Women’s Day 2020 by empowering women in Kisoro, Uganda to have “A Bright Future With Bees”.