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Martin Kunz has recently visited India. Here is a fascinating article about beekeeping there, the different species of bee and how the honey crop is improving livelihoods. The article is written by his wife Marianne Landzettel, with photos taken by Martin. Reprint courtesy of Oregon Tilth’s In Good Tilth magazine, Spring Issue 2017 Good to the last drop … Continue reading Good to the last drop – Bees in India

Migrating Honey Bees

Liz Bates has written a wonderful article in the magazine BeeCraft, explaining how the migration of honeybees in Kenya is part of the natural rhythm of beekeeping in a region with two rainy seasons. She also demonstrates how, with help from Bees Abroad, these communities are sourcing hive equipment locally, and making valuable products.

Adding Value in Kenya

John and Mary Home are visiting Kenya. A visit to Kerio Valley to give training in making soap from beeswax and honey. Then off to Laikaipia meeting with David Njugna and the Deputy Minister for small livestock, including bees. John Home is pleased to present a Refractometer kindly donated by to Bee Products Enterprise Development. … Continue reading Adding Value in Kenya

Bees Abroad have recently been partnering with Ashanti Development in the Ashanti region of Ghana to train members of this rural community in the skills and practice of beekeeping. This is another great example of how Bees Abroad helps to relieve poverty.

Bees v Elephants

John Home says biology can find solutions to the biggest problems - like stopping a six-tonne African elephant in its tracks.


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