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Speaker Locations Covered Topic Contact
Jo Hiscox
Beekeeping in Cameroon
Venetia Rist
Norfolk and East Anglia
My adventures in the Batwa tribe in Uganda
Richard and Jane Ridler, Master Beekeepers
East Anglia, London & Home Counties
Adventures in African Beekeeping – A comparison between beekeeping practice in the UK and Africa.

Beekeeping in Africa and the Relief of Poverty – talks also given via Zoom
Dave Bonner
Bees Abroad in Uganda
Julian Willford
East Devon and Somerset
Beekeeping in Tanzania
Dawn Williamson and Paul Bloch
Devon and Cornwall
Bees, honey and money – how bees can help lift people out of poverty in Africa
Rachel Monger
NE Somerset and Hampshire
Beekeeping in Africa (Uganda and Tanzania)
Bisi New
Beekeeping in Nigeria
Trisha Marlow
UK anywhere and online on Zoom
Bees, Beekeeping and the Reason Why – visual talk on beekeeping mainly in West Africa for beekeeping groups

Bees Abroad, the What, How and Why – talk for non-beekeeping groups and potential donors.

In to Africa: Sustainable Enterprises for Poverty Alleviation (focussing on women, youth and ecotourism projects in Ghana.
Geoff Redwood
Surrey and Hampshire
Bees Helping Communities in East Africa. How Bees Abroad delivers training and support to help to alleviate poverty in low-income countries through beekeeping.

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