Meet Merioth – Kenyan Honey Entrepreneur and Consultant

Meet Merioth (in blue above) showcasing her value added hive products.

Merioth trained in ‘value added products’ at the Nairobi Beekeeping Institute and through the mentoring of Bees Abroad Merioth now shares her expertise – training community groups in Kenya in ‘hive value addition’.

Merioth Leading A Training Session For Bees Abroad. Photo: Merioth

Merioth has her own honey business, ‘Nomo’, that sells honey, hive products and beekeeping equipment. She also provides consultancy services to private beekeepers.

Helping to create empowered women entrepreneurs is a central tenet of Bees Abroad philosophy. In a previous blog we introduced another one of our wonderful entrepreneurs, Grace, with her honey shop in Old Shoe Lane in Kasese, Uganda.

Merioth and Grace are only two examples of women beekeepers who have found that beekeeping has unleashed hidden talents in developing and growing their own businesses. Keep an eye out for more of our Bees Abroad entrepreneurs in future updates.




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