Meet Muhindo – Dynamic Young Beekeeper

Meet Muhindo looking after her hives in the Kinyamaseke Youth Apiary

At Bees Abroad we are always heartened to hear of the exciting progress made as our participants acquire the skills to be Beekeepers For Life. This letter from Nzagale, the Executive Director of Kinyamaseke Youth in Development – Uganda, demonstrates the fierce pride our local partners have in their charges.

“The person in the picture is one Muhindo Medres who joined Kinyamaseke Youth In development after the death of her father who passed on the year 2016.

She remained as an orphan in a family of about 4 children all depending on the mother who had been depending on the late husband. Medres failed to get essential needs including school fees to take her back to school. The only option was to join Kinyamaseke Youth In Development vocational skills training class where she has acquired knowledge and skills in tailoring and garment cutting. The mother is struggling very hard to buy her a tailoring machine so that she can get placed and begin earning a living but also assisting her young brothers and sister to get essential needs.

She is among many other girls who have the same story but only opting to acquire vocational skill for self reliance from our workshop.

During the time she has been on training, Medres has been also trained how to keep bees and she discussed it with her mother who worked with her to establish an apiary near their home. They have now more than 3 beehives and they have started colonising.

A lot of thanks goes to Bees Abroad for the training and the support given to Kinyamaseke Youth In Development to get beehives for demonstration to our members and the community around.

Thank you very much for the concern, cooperation and the partnership established under this project. May God bless you.

Our dream is that since we have land, we will make our apiary a demonstration and learning centre for the farmers and learning Institutions in the Su County and the whole County at large so that together we can manage bees.

Thank you very much for your concern

Greet everyone at home


Nzaghale Noah

Executive Director – Kinyamaseke Youth in Development – Uganda”



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