Mrs Adams: A Beekeeping Matriarch

September 17, 2023

In our previous blog, we had the privilege of introducing you to the incredible journey of Mrs. Adams, the grandmother of beekeeping in her Nigerian community. Today, we’re excited to share more about her beekeeping journey and how she earned a reputation that saw demand for her quality honey grow quickly and organically. 

Mrs Adams honey stall - nearly sold out!

Mrs Adams honey stall – nearly sold out!

A Honey Stall with Heart

Right after completing the beekeeping training provided by Bees Abroad in 2006, Mrs. Adams wasted no time in putting her newfound knowledge to good use. She established her very own honey stall, a humble yet effective setup that serves as both a point of sale and a powerful advertisement for her honey. While her stall may not be grand or elaborate, it has proven to be the perfect platform for showcasing her honey. Even today, many years later, Mrs. Adams continues to use this trusty stall to connect with her customers. 

A stellar reputation and ambitious plans

Thanks to Bees Abroad’s training on quality harvesting techniques, Mrs. Adams and her family have not only become skilled beekeepers but also producers of high-quality honey. The word quickly spread, and their reputation soared. With a loyal customer base that they’ve cultivated over the years, they are in the enviable position of demand for their honey being five times the volume they produce. Their customers know and trust them, making it unnecessary to invest in costly social media or specialized marketing efforts. 

Mrs. Adams and her family have ambitious plans to take their beekeeping enterprise to new heights. To achieve this, they are looking for support in two crucial areas: the manufacture of beekeeping inputs such as bee suits, smokers, and brushes, and value-added training. These elements will not only enable them to expand their honey production but also open doors to tourism visits to their apiary. 

Mrs Adams (right hand side) with Bees Abroad’s Bisi (middle) back in 2006

Change that lasts a lifetime

Mrs. Adams’ remarkable journey from a shy observer at the back of a training hall to the matriarch of a thriving beekeeping family is a testament to the enduring impact of education, support, and a simple act of kindness. She was trained by Bees Abroad 18 years ago, a span of time that some might call a lifetime. Mrs. Adams, the grandmother of beekeeping, has left a lasting legacy. Her story reminds us of the profound impact that even the smallest acts of generosity can have in transforming lives and communities. 

Will You Bee Part of The Story?

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Mrs Adams honey stall - nearly sold out!

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