Mrs. Adams: The Grandmother of Beekeeping

September 14, 2023

In the world of beekeeping, there are stories that stand out as shining examples of the transformative power of knowledge and support. One such story is that of Mrs. Adams, a woman with a remarkable and notable journey into beekeeping . Let’s delve into her story and discover how she became the grandmother of beekeeping in her community.

Photo: Mrs Adams at Bees Abroad training back in 2006

Quiet strength

In 2006 Bees Abroad volunteer and trustee Bisi New delivered beekeeping training to a community farming group in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State in South West Nigeria. Ogun State is also the location of Okun Owa school, featured in our last blog.

Among the participants at the beekeeping training was Mrs. Adams, a woman who, at the time, was quite shy and often found at the back of the training hall. During practical demonstrations, she preferred to observe from a distance. However, her attendance was unwavering, and she paid meticulous attention, absorbing knowledge and information with a keen and curious mind. She was determined to learn the art of beekeeping.

A small gift, a lasting impact

Mrs. Adams, like many aspiring beekeepers, needed more than just knowledge; she needed support and basic resources to put her newfound skills into practice. After the training Bisi took it upon herself to provide Mrs. Adams with a personal gift – Bisi’s own bee suit. With this gift, Mrs. Adams had the means to start her beekeeping journey immediately.

Mrs. Adams cherished the bee suit gifted to her. In fact, she held onto it for many years, until it no longer fitted her. At that point, she passed the suit on to her son. Her son, too, became involved in beekeeping, using the same bee suit to manage the family apiary alongside his siblings. It’s a testament to the enduring impact of a simple but thoughtful gift.

Mrs Adams journey

As time passed, Mrs. Adams aged, and her ability to actively manage practical beekeeping diminished. However, her mind remained sharp and filled with beekeeping wisdom. She assumed the role of a matriarch, guiding her children in their beekeeping endeavours. She handled logistics, offered advice, and played a crucial part in sustaining the family’s beekeeping business. She has built up her family beekeeping business though she still uses the same ‘for sale’ sign she made after her initial training.

Today, Mrs. Adams is a true beekeeping matriarch, passing on her knowledge through the generations. Beekeeping, in this instance, has become an inter-generational tool for economic stability and sustainability. Her entire family is involved in the bee business with innovations such as taking people to meet the bees i.e., exo tourism introduced over time by the younger generation. Each beekeeper in the family has their own customer list and specialism. Mrs Adams’s stall continues to cater very small quantities for individuals like widows who seek out a quality product.

Change that lasts a lifetime

Mrs. Adams’ remarkable journey from a shy observer at the back of a training hall to the matriarch of a thriving beekeeping family is a testament to the enduring impact of knowledge, support, and a simple act of kindness. She was trained by Bees Abroad 18 years ago, a span of time that some might call a lifetime. 

Mrs. Adams, the grandmother of beekeeping, has left a lasting legacy all thanks to the gift of knowledge and a bee suit that started it all. Her own endeavour and support from her local beekeeping group have sustained and extended her success. Her story reminds us of the profound impact that even the smallest acts can have in transforming lives and communities.

Watch the video above to meet Mrs Adams and her family of beekeepers

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