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The unstoppable women beekeepers in Nigeria

Amidst the challenges of gender inequality in Nigeria, the Ori-eru (Iwo) progressive beekeepers have created a thriving enterprise based on self-reliance and collaboration. This group of self-organizing Muslim women are proof that ‘This Beekeeper Can’.

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Accessible beekeeping in Sierra Leone

What does accessible beekeeping mean in Sierra Leone? The Bees Abroad workshop help answer questions such as what is the right height for a hive for someone with an amputation, do beekeepers with amputees need to be partnered, can it be done seated?

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Sierra Leone: beekeepers on crutches

The civil war in Sierra Leone left an estimated 27,000 people with an amputation or disability. It’s often assumed that amputees can’t contribute to society but there’s a group smashing stereotypes through football, farming and beekeeping!

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A photo from the Apimondia 2023 Opening Ceremony in Santiago, Chile

Bees Abroad at Apimondia, Chile 2023

Apimondia is the World’s biggest beekeeping conference. Richard Ridler, chair of trustees, attended the most recent Apimondia earlier this month and reported back. Richard shares his experience, news and the fascinating new research that this global conference had to offer.

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