Bees for Fees: Bandaman Senior High School

Following on from ‘Better with Bees’, a nearby school requested Bees Abroad to train pupils in beekeeping skills. Beekeeping will finance extra school resources, and students will learn skills to alleviate family poverty.

The school has around 300 pupils, many of whom depend on a good cashew harvest for their school fees. The project is taking place in the town of Banda Ahenkro in the Banda District, where poverty is rife. Beekeeping provides improved pollination for the cashew harvest, and an added income stream through honey production.

Bees Abroad Activities

Bees Abroad is helping to provide an income stream for the school by training beekeepers; money they can use for additional resources, whilst the trained student beekeepers will be able to provide an extra income stream for their families.

The leader of the Girls’ Club at the school was presented with a hive and a training manual. Around 70 students started attending weekly meetings, all having to use one hive and one manual – the beekeeping project had begun.

Due to an accident, the project manager from the UK was unable to run a course in November 2016. Using email and WhatsApp the course was able to proceed delayed by only a fortnight and was run successfully by Thomas Manu (a Bees Abroad local trainer) and Nana Fred Gyansie from Resource Link Foundation (in-country NGO). Some 23 girls and the agriculture master learnt beekeeping theory in a classroom, and assembled five hives to join the original one on the new school apiary. Beesuits have been arranged.

Future plans

In the future, it is hoped that further training will be run by Bees Abroad. Simple processing equipment will be provided to help the club get off the ground and begin to produce honey to support the school.


Project Facts at a Glance

  • Location: Brong Ahafo, Ghana
  • Population: Brong Ahafo District: 45,000, Banda Ahenkro: 2795
  • Local NGO: Bandaman High School
  • Project Manager: