Kinyamaseke Youth In Development

This group really impressed Richard and Jane Ridler when we first met them in February 2018. Its leaders were competent, the management team included the young people and they had realistic goals.

There are 18 girls and 22 boys in the group. All are disadvantaged by some combination of unemployment, domestic violence, sexual abuse, poverty, negative attitudes, illiteracy and cultural superstitions.

The Kinyamaseke Youth In Development Group provides:

* Vocational skills straining e.g. carpentry, hairdressing.

* Games and sports for exercise and as a method of peacebuilding amongst youth.

* Woodland management and gardening.

* HIV/AIDS education.

* Instruction about human rights, gender-based violence and nature conservation.

To this, we will add beekeeping so that members have a way to earn money and live independently. They will be taught how to make hives and protective clothing; we will pay for the materials. Two apiaries will be built in woodland they already have, and training will be given in all aspects of beekeeping and how to make an income from it. The area is well suited to beekeeping and they are really keen to get started!

The cost of this project is £4,000. Please help us make it happen. Donate here: PayPal Giving