Kirinyaga Community Development Network

This group was set up in 2015. The group comprises some 50 enthusiastic members, one of whom is a carpenter able to make hives. Another member, a tailor¸manufactures protective bee-suits, giving members the opportunity to purchase items at a very affordable price.

When they meet, all members contribute a small sum of money (table banking) – the total is sufficient to buy a hive, which in turn is provided to one of their members. Under the chairmanship of Edith and her committee, they now make and sell honey and value-added hive products such as skin creams. Edith has been invited by the County Government to put together a small proposal for establishing a small honey house where honey can be processing and where value addition products can be manufactured and marketed.

The members have built a relationship with a local school, Kiandangae Secondary School. Members of the Young Farmers’ Club have provided transport and time to fence an apiary in the school grounds. A visit by Bees Abroad in November 2016 confirmed the high level of support given by the headmaster and the enthusiasm of Ms Lillian Owmangale – responsible for rural training at the school.

The late David Njguna, who was, until very recently,  the Bees Abroad expert beekeeper in Kenya, visited the school in 2017 on a follow-up visit, and to give practical training to 40  Beekeeping Club students.

The beekeeping club has 40 fully paid-up members who have each paid Ks50. David observed how very interested and how they actively participated in the club activities. This is a good group who are pleased to network with their local governor.

Project Facts at a Glance