Murambo Beekeepers’ Association

This group is led by Ezra, an outstanding young beekeeper who learnt beekeeping from his father. When we met, he was making and using traditional cylindrical hives made from wicker covered in mud and dung. With the right skills, which he possesses, these hives are very successful. However, he understands that adopting top bar hives will make beekeeping more accessible for the others in the association. Members of the association wanted to increase production in order to make the sale of honey a worthwhile part of their income.

Murambo Beekeepers Association, South-Western Uganda 

Murambo is a small community five kilometres West of Kabale – the regional centre in the South-Western corner of Uganda. It enjoys an almost perfect climate for beekeeping. It is tropical, but its elevation means that it is not as hot as many other places in Uganda, and enjoys more rainfall.

A Beekeeping Course for the Murambo Beekeepers – October 2018

The four-day residential course was run by Daniel Ngangasi and Simon Byongo from LIDEFO (Liberty Development Foundation) in Kasese some 220km from the homes of the Murambo beekeepers. read more about this >>>>

Bees Abroad Actions

Because Ezra has the skill to make hives from wicker, mud and dung, we can help him to make top bar hives from the same materials. We provided funds to buy protective clothing and other essential beekeeping equipment. Additional funds have been used to pay Ezra to run a comprehensive training course and to spend time coaching members of the association. The number of beekeepers in the Association has approximately doubled as a result of this initiative. The reports we have had so far are encouraging and production has increased.

Future Actions

Supported by Bees Abroad, the organisation can offer new ideas to help local people to start beekeeping at an affordable cost. Murambo Beekeeping Association is committed to producing high quality organic honey with unique and a different taste, and to find ways of using the beeswax, which is often wasted. This is a new project, and we will be visiting in 2018 to discuss the opportunities to build on progress.

Project Facts at a Glance

The Murambo beekeepers have expanded their membership and production with help and funding from Bees Abroad. The production of honey is now making a real difference to their lives making it possible to buy essentials and pay for medicines and school fees.

Project Manager: