Noah’s Widows

The project came about from a meeting with the Reverend Noah who is devoted to caring for and helping the widows who live in his parish. His compelling description of the circumstances in which they live persuaded Bees Abroad to help them.

Noah’s Widows, Ibanda, Western Uganda

There are 19 widows aged between 50 and 85 living in close proximity. The local community depends on subsistence farming, with each family owning a small parcel of land. In Africa, widows are often supported by their families – but for various reasons these widows are alone. Because land passes down the male line they have none.


The project is located in the parish of Ibanda in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains in the far West of Uganda, about 50km north of the equator. Fortunately, it is close to the town of Kasese where Bees Abroad has trusted trainers at the Liberty Development Foundation (LIDEFO). They are able to teach the widows beekeeping and support them until they are proficient.

Bees Abroad Actions

The materials to make 10 hives were given in 2016 with appropriate protective clothing and other essential beekeeping equipment. At the same time LIDEFO started the training programme. Colonisation was rapid and materials for another 10 hives was given in 2017. Also in 2017 training was given in making cosmetics. The first honey harvest will be in 2017.

Future Actions

We continue to provide support and will do so until the group is proficient and fully self-sustaining. This is the first project delivered entirely by LIDEFO on behalf of Bees Abroad. We will audit it in 2018 and hope to use the same approach elsewhere in the area.

Project Facts at a Glance

Noah’s widows live together in the Parish of Ibanda in Western Uganda. Without families to support them Rev. Noah does his best to care for them. They now have 20 hives and all the necessary beekeeping equipment to produce and sell honey the income from which they desperately need. They have also been trained to make bees wax based cosmetics.

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