Oluwa Youth Activity Group

A registered youth self help group founded in 2007. It uses modern and innovative approaches to provide work for the long term benefit of women, children and youth in Bukedea District.

OYAG helps young rural people to help themselves individually and in organized groups. The only chance to help them out of poverty is to provide them with vocational skills that enable them to make a living.

Beekeeping at OYAG started in 2013, and by early 2014, the group harvested 20 litres of honey. The Local Government officer, who is also the District Entomologist, has helped the group progress in their understanding of bees. By the end of 2014, 38 students had attended a training course on beekeeping, and there was interest in learning how to make value-added products from wax and honey (lotions, creams, shampoos, candles etc.), and to improve packaging and branding.

By 2015, the group had over 100 top-bar hives and had sufficient honey to sell it at the local market and export some to Kenya, despite some problems; local farmers spraying insecticide, and termites eating the hive stands. Live trees are being planted to resolve the termite problem, and farmers are being encourage to use more bee-friendly products.

Training was given on how making value-added products was profitable and cost-effective. It showed how some of the profits could be fed back into purchase of more raw materials, making it sustainable. This was followed, in 2016, by advanced training on honey processing and wax recovery. The group of 20 beekeepers who attended were very enthusiastic about the new skills which enabled them to improve the quality of their honey, and to increase the quality and quantity of recovered wax from which to make other products.

Project Facts at a Glance