Rory’s Well

This project aims to alleviate poverty in five villages (2,500 people) in rural Sierra Leone. This is a sustainable, community led livelihood initiative to harvest, process and market honey. The sale of honey will bring income and work to the entire community both male and female beekeepers.

In 2017 we will train a group of 7-9 people, at least two of who will be women, in each of the five villages, to build and set up hives, harvest and process honey and market locally. By the end of 2018 we aim to replicate this in village of Bo by transferring skills to make hives and bee suits to local communities to beekeepers or local trades people. We will set up a honey processing centre at the hub centre of Taninahun.

In consultation with local leaders and the beekeeping groups together we hope to establish a robust model of operation which is culturally appropriate and encourages the co-operative use of equipment and facilities whilst encouraging individual initiative. The plan is to expand the current 7 hives to 77 by the end of 2019.

Sierra Leone Visit Report – Nov 2017


Project Facts at a Glance

Location: Taninahun, Southern Province, 106 miles from Freetown

Five villages: Korigboma, Mano, Makka, Semabu, and Taninahun

NGO: Rory’s Well based in UK

Population: 36,905 (Barri Chiefdom)

Project Manager: