Queen Elizabeth National Park – Uganda

This project led by LIDEFO (Liberty Development Foundation) is based in Kasese which is on the main road shortly before the park. You will:

  • Be driven by an English-speaking driver.
  • Learn about beekeeping in the area.
  • Visit the honey collection and honey processing centres.
  • Discover how beekeeping helps pay for education and medicines.
  • Visit a beneficiary family.
  • Visit primary school children involved in beekeeping.
  • Taste local organic honey and have the opportunity to buy beeswax candles and honey.
  • Have a personal tour of an apiary and open a beehive. Protective clothing is supplied.

Note: These projects are run by the local community for the benefit of their community. ¬†Bees Abroad has no responsibility for the visit and arrangements are made entirely at the visitor’s own risk.


Email: ridechange@gmail.com

Phone: + 256 772629673