Better with Bees: Cashew Farmers’ Project

The location, Brong Ahafo, is an agricultural region with high levels of poverty. To generate income for the local cashew farmers, Bees Abroad is training groups in all aspects of beekeeping, honey processing and marketing.

Bees for Fees: Bandaman Senior High School

Following on from ‘Better with Bees’, a nearby school requested Bees Abroad to train pupils in beekeeping skills. Beekeeping will finance extra school resources, and students will learn skills to alleviate family poverty.

Agents of Development for Rural Communities (ADRUCOM)

Bees Abroad has worked with the Agents of Development for the Rural Community (ADRUCOM) since 2008 on a number of projects. A beekeeping centre has been erected in the Northern Ghana to support Bees Abroad initiatives.