Nkhata Bay Honey Producers’ Co-operative (NHPC)

Nkhata Bay Honey Producers Co-operative (NHPC) is Bees Abroad’s longest running programme. It was led by Pam Gregory until her untimely death in 2015. The majority of the people in the district are agriculturalists and fishermen. They grow cassava, which is their staple food, and also groundnuts, bananas, maize, pigeon peas and millet. The people along the lake earn their living through fishing. About 80% of the adult male population seeks employment overseas.

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The Nkhata Bay Honey Producers Co-operative (NHPC), supported by Bees Abroad, has been running intensive training courses to produce high quality honey and ensure that quality products are delivered to their customers. This work has been generously funded by the Waterloo Foundation.