Noah’s Widows

The project came about from a meeting with the Reverend Noah who is devoted to caring for and helping the widows who live in his parish. His compelling description of the circumstances in which they live persuaded Bees Abroad to help them.

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Murambo Beekeepers’ Association

This group is led by Ezra, an outstanding young beekeeper who learnt beekeeping from his father. When we met, he was making and using traditional cylindrical hives made from wicker covered in mud and dung. With the right skills, which he possesses, these hives are very successful. However, he understands that adopting top bar hives will make beekeeping more accessible for the others in the association. Members of the association wanted to increase production in order to make the sale of honey a worthwhile part of their income.

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Bwindi Batwa

Until very recently the Batwa forest people lived as hunter gatherers in the Bwini Impenetrable Forest. The Forest is home to giant gorillas which are a valuable tourist resource. The Batwa were forced out of the forest to reduce the risk of disease transmission from humans to gorillas. They were given no land or support by the government and depend entirely on goodwill. They struggle to adapt to their new conditions.

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