Run for Bees Abroad in the VIRTUAL 2022 TCS London Marathon!

The 2022 TCS London Marathon on Sunday 2 October is set to be a fantastic spectacle, with 50,000 people taking part on the central London course and up to 40,000 more taking part all around the globe in the virtual event.

Participants in the virtual TCS London Marathon will again have 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds to complete the 26.2 miles on the course of their choice, and all finishers will receive the coveted official medal and T-shirt.

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You can run for Bees Abroad

We already have some Bees Abroad runners and we would love to make this a bigger team effort! Maybe you would like to run… or maybe you know someone you could encourage (and sponsor) to run. We can secure you a place (and a T-shirt and medal if you finish!) if you let us know by next Wednesday, Feb 9th.

email to secure a place

Get Creative! Get Involved!

You will have 24 hours to participate and run in whatever way works best for you.

Enter as an individual or a family or company relay. Invite a runner you know.

Get your running community or local gym involved and set up your own course or use the treadmills

Choose a special beekeeping project you would like to fundraise for, find sponsors to support you in your running challenge

Have fun!


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