Basic Beekeeping Manual – Shona

Bees Abroad Beekeeping Manuals

Our beekeeping manuals were made for use by field trainers in tropical Africa and are easy to understand. They are based on colour pictures with few words. Basic techniques needed to start a beekeeping business are described and shown. They also offer some new ideas to help beekeepers become independent by making their own equipment from local materials. We hope that this will help people to start beekeeping, affordably, and maybe to experiment.

Thanks to the Waterloo Foundation for financial assistance in making the basic manual available in multiple languages. The basic manual in English, French, Shona, Swahili and Chichewa are accessible below. The advanced manual is available in English and French.

All files are large (>10 MB) so may be difficult for slow connections. However, there are also small-file versions of the manuals available. The quality of these is not quite as good as the full-size files, but still acceptable.

As a courtesy to the authors and sponsors of our beekeeping manuals, we ask that you supply a traceable email address, so we understand who is using their material.

If you wish to apply for assistance with training a community group you can read here


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