In Memory of Steve Bates

In memory of Steve Bates

18 February 2023

A group of beekeepers from Kenya and Steve Bates standing amongst them
A Portrait photo of Steve Bates

Our valued trustee, Steve Bates, sadly passed away recently. Today, we would like to celebrate his life and recognise his valuable contributions to the Bees Abroad mission. 

Steve was a trustee with Bees Abroad for over 6 years. Steve had a special talent for evaluation which he utilised in his role as Trustee. One of his many contributions was the introduction of the Partnership Manager guide on processes and procedures. This was also the foundation to how Bees Abroad evaluate, selecting and plan all new projects, aiming for the biggest impact.  

In 2016 Steve and his wife Liz visited one of our UK Department for International Development (DFID) projects in Laikipia, Kenya for Bees Abroad, to monitor their sustainability. This project was awarded an A+ from DFID, the highest score awarded in evaluation. Bees Abroad Partnership Manager for Kenya, John Home, remembers this visit saying “Their [Steve and Liz’s] time with us was of great value and Steve’s observation on the groups they visited was always very helpful and informative for our Kenya Beekeeping Trainers.” John Home also remembers Steve’s contribution in streamlining procedures in selecting suitable new projects to take forward for funding. Liz wrote an interesting and informative write-up from their visit which was published in Bee Craft Magazine, February 2016

Steve was a keen photographer and brought back many beautiful and meaningful photos from his visits to our projects. His photos captured all aspects of the projects from the people we work with, to the local environment in which they worked and lived.  


Thank you, Steve

Some of Steve’s photos from his visits to our projects in Kenya: