People’s Vote Winner Announced

People’s Vote Winner Announced

October 6, 2023

The People's Favourite - Winner - Cluster of Bees

Meet the photographer -
Ramsurendar N K

Ramsurendar is a dentist from south India, who’s very interested in wildlife and nature photography. Over time he has developed his skills and now is a serious hobbyist. His submissions have been showcased in the Wildlife Photographic Magazine several times.

Background to the image: “I came across this bee hive in a forest located in the Western Ghats of India. I wanted to capture the image to exhibit the group of bees and to create awareness that they are part of the biodiversity on which we all depend on for our survival.”

Technical details: The image was shot with a Canon 77d DSLR APC – sensor camera.

Follow his work on: Instagram: @drramsurendars_photography Facebook: /ramsurendar.nk

Second place image

About the Second place image by Darshan Harode

Darshan Harode provided the following caption with their photo:

“Each pair of honeybees legs differ in size and have distinct functions. Bees around the world transport pollen on their hairy hind legs mixing them with either nectar or oil from their mouth. The hind legs of a honeybee serve as a storage box in the pollen-loading process. Whereas the middle leg aids the hind legs in patting down the pollen masses. Each leg comprises of a collecting brush made of stiff unbranched hairs. Honeybees use most of the collected pollens for creating bee wax, and honey and therefore are not the major pollinator bee species.”

The bee is deceased, Darsham found it in a garden at Falmouth University. The Bee was missing its stinger which makes him believe it died of natural cause.

The technique and equipment: There are hundreds of photos stacked to get all the details of the bee. There were multiple failed attempts however i was able to achieve this result at the end.
Equipment used: Macro stackshot rail, product photography stand with continuous lighting for even tone and colour in all photos, Canon R6 with Canon 65mm MP-E lens at 2x magnification, glass box.
Darshan’s handle: Instagram: @clickkks | Facebook: @clicks_by_darshan_harode

Third place image

Third place image by Jemima D (10 years old)

This fab photo was taken by 10 year old Jemima D, from Oxford.

Our supporters' incredible photographs

As part of our #GreenStory Campaign, Bees Abroad partnered with internationally renowned photography magazine, Wildlife Photographic, for our first photography competition. The theme of the competition was ‘Bees in Nature’ – bees of all kinds welcome.

We received entries from all over the World: U.K., U.S.A., Singapore, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, and more! We were blown away with the variation and standard of entries that we wanted to share them with you through our People’s Vote Competition.

Below are some of your favourites!

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