Umutara Deaf School Project

Umutara Deaf School Project

April 6, 2023
A group of individuals standing together holding their traditional Rwandan beehives

Introduction to the Project

Since its inception in 2018, the Umutara Deaf School beekeeping project has been dedicated to training deaf children to become skilled beekeepers. The project aims to equip these children with the necessary knowledge and skills to establish a sustainable source of income. This not only provides them with financial independence but also fosters confidence and respect within their home villages. In Rwanda, where people with disabilities often face challenges in achieving societal recognition, this project holds particular significance for us.

Support and Training

The Umutara Deaf School beekeeping project has received continuous funding and support from Bees Abroad. The school’s apiary serves as a training ground for students in their final two years of schooling. Additionally, the most promising students, typically around four each year, are enrolled in Bees Abroad’s continued support program, which extends for 1-4 years depending on their dedication and progress in beekeeping.

A total of ten graduates from the Umutara Deaf School have been provided with three beehives each and protective clothing to establish their own beekeeping operations in their respective home villages. Bees Abroad remains committed to their progress by offering ongoing training through the school’s trainer. Regular visits are conducted to assess their development and provide any necessary support. Successful individuals receive additional hives and harvesting equipment after one year of home beekeeping.

An additional three graduates are expected to receive sponsorship upon their graduation this summer. By extending opportunities to these young adults, the project aims to foster their long-term success and growth in beekeeping.

Promising Future

Among the beneficiaries of the Umutara Deaf School beekeeping project, the majority have demonstrated a passion for beekeeping and achieved remarkable progress. Their commitment and enthusiasm have yielded fruitful outcomes, contributing to their personal and professional development.

The Umutara Deaf School beekeeping project, supported by Bees Abroad, has made significant strides in empowering deaf children in Rwanda. Through beekeeping training and ongoing assistance, these children have gained the means to generate income, build confidence, and establish respected positions within their communities. The project’s success stories highlight the transformative impact of such initiatives and inspire hope for a more inclusive and equitable society.

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