The Bees Abroad Big Birthday Pub Quiz – Wednesday 6th May at 8.00pm (BST)

Hosted by Professor Adam Hart – Scientist, Author, Broadcaster and Patron of Bees Abroad.

pour yourself a drink
  1. To Join the Quiz, Click on this link:   
  2. Open the app from your browser or download the app. It’s free, you won’t be charged.
  3. Listen to the questions, think of an answer and have fun. Send notes to other players using chat button at the bottom of your screen.

Just £5, the price of a drink and a packet of crisps, will make a difference. If you feel like ‘buying a round’ and giving more, we’d be very grateful!

In Ghana Atudrobesa Beekeepers Trainerdemonstrates the Kenyan top-bar hive (photo Twene)

Our projects enable participants to enhance their livelihoods, alleviate poverty and improve their quality of life.

Beekeeping can increase income by 20% and crop pollination by 100%.

We work in the poorest rural communities worldwide.

Beekeeping is environmentally friendly, sustainable and accessible to all.