The Worshipful Wax Chandlers Celebrate 650 Year Anniversary

14th November 2021.

On this day, 650 years ago, November 14, 1371 Edward III (King of England) appointed Walter le Rede and John Pope the first overseers of the Wax Chandlers Mystery (Craft Guild).  

Formed to ‘overse all the defaults in theyre saide crafte’ the guild members engaged in making and selling sealing wax and church candles which were used prolifically in the then Catholic England.

Today the company has connections with the modern wax industry and the beekeeping profession and promotes environmental sustainability. The Company is committed to assisting those in need as well as encouraging good fellowship amongst its members and supporting the Lord Mayor and the City of London corporation.

In is our honour to have the Master of the Wax Chandlers as a Patron of Bees Abroad. This year to mark the 650th Anniversary, a celebratory banquet was held in the City of London’s Guildhall. Every guest at this special occasion was given a Bees Abroad BeesWrap made by the ‘Upendo wa Mama’ albinism women’s group in Tanzania.

The women in Tanzania who themselves now are “engaged in the activity of making and selling of candles” would like to join all at Bees Abroad in celebrating the Wax Chandlers Company on this 650 Anniversary, with gratitude for their valued support.

If you would like to purchase the beautiful Kitenge Beeswraps made by Upendo wa Mama, visit the Bees Abroad online shop.

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