Top Bar Tuesday:
Sierra Leone

November 08, 2022

Fatimata, a mother in Sierra Leone and beekeeper trained by Bees Abroad is smiling at the camera with one of her children next to her
Play Video about Fatuma, a female beekeeper in Sierra Leone, is standing outside smiling towards the camera

Fatimata's Story

Fatuma is from Taniniahun, a village of the Barri Chiefdom, on the fringes of the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone. She was one of the first beekeeping trainees in November of 2017. Due to tragic circumstances, she was unable to continue beekeeping, but recently reconnected with Bees Abroad in May of this year and now other beekeepers are gathering around her to help her get started again with new hives.

This forest area fringing the Gola is a challenging environment and the District of Pujehun, which contains Barri Chiefdom is, according to the Human Development Index, the most deprived district in the country. Through the beekeeping project, we are eager to see single mothers like Fatuma increase household resilience to economic difficulties. Listen to her story here.

Value-Added Beeswax Product of the Week

Beeswax Balms

Throughout this month we are showing you some of the amazing value-added beeswax products being made by our groups around the world. One of the first beeswax products groups learn how to make is a beeswax balm. This versatile product can be made simply with beeswax and oil and can then be adapted and embellished to make an amazing variety of value-added products to sell. A Neem Balm is very medicinal. A Bug Balm (with citronella) keeps the bugs at bay and soothes bites. The Kili Climb Balm is great for rock climbers; the Beard Balm speaks for itself! Our women’s groups in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Tanzania are supporting themselves and their children through the creative production of different beeswax balms.

In Sierra Leone, the Barri Beekeepers are now moving into the manufacture of wax-based products such as body and lip balms. Village women like Fatimata are closely involved in this stage and the intention is to offer franchises to women’s groups in each village to manufacture and sell creams and balms locally and at nearby village markets. Fatimata is very interested in playing a key role in such an endeavour! 

Follow the Story

‘Bee part of the story’ this Christmas to help support women like Fatimata to become skilled beeswax artisans developing sustainable businesses selling their products and generating income to support their families.

Follow Bees Abroad on social media to see more beeswax products being made by out project participants!

A xlear, plastic container with beeswax cream inside
Multiple clear, plastic containers with beeswax products inside. Products include mosquito repellent, lip balm, body cream and shoe polish

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