Top Bar Tuesday:

November 15, 2022

A group of women standing together smiling and facing the camera
Play Video about Lucia Alex, a female beekeeper from Tanzania, is smiling and shyly looking away from the camera

Lucia's Story

Lucia is part of the Jikomboe Women’s Beekeeping Group,  a project in partnernship with Emmanuel International on Kome Island in Tanzania. She  is thankful for the opportunity that being part of the beekeeping group provides to improve the quality of her family life. After the birth of her second baby, her husband left her and went to another island. Her life became very difficult as she struggled to survive with two young children. This is a common story in the villages on the island. But Lucia’s is a lovely story of reconciliation and peace as her husband returned and asked her forgiveness and now they live happily together. She has learned how to be a beekeeper and is enjoying being part of the group and excited to see the project grow as they add more top-bar hives and harvest more honey!

Value-added Beeswax Product of the Week


Batik-making with beeswax is such a fun creative activity and one very much enjoyed by the women in the Upendo wa Mama Women’s group in Tanzania. Watch Jeni make some here! Carefully carved foam stamps are chosen and dipped in hot, melted wax before stamping in blocks on plain cotton material. The fabric is then dyed and the wax resist creates a beautiful and very unique design. Seamstresses in the group are then able to sew this lovely material into cushion covers, cloth napkins, aprons and more to sell in their shop, The Hive. Yet another way of adding value to beeswax and improving livelihoods! 

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Play Video about Two women making Batiks using beeswax
Four different designs of Batiks laid out side by side. Green , white, blue and green colours
Two women making Batiks using beeswax

29 November – 6 December 2022

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