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 Have you Skills that would be helpful to Bees Abroad?

At Bees Abroad we are all beekeepers. We link the love of beekeeping with a desire to help reduce extreme proverty.  We provide groups in developing countries with the practical skills, knowledge and equipment to keep bees. Tey use the extra income to make a better life, to buy medicines and pay for education.Collecting Frame

We are all volunteers. Here at home we do everythin from fundraising and accounting to replying to requests for help and sharing best practice with each other.
In the developing world we teach all aspects of beekeeping from making hives and suits to luring passing swarms, basic business disciplines and processing honey for sale.

There is far more thanenough to do so we are always on the lookout for beekeepers who might share our interests. Here are just some of the ways other beekeepers can help us:

Adopt a project – individually or as a group:

  • Learn all about the project from its project manager
  • Support the project by fundraisingLining Log Hive with mud
  • Visit the project as part of your holiday
  • Help the project manager whilst in the UK

Give your time/use your skills
We often have opportunities. Do you have skills in:

  • Website design
  • Accounting
  • Project controlComplete Log Hive
  • Governance
  • Fundraising
  • Graphc Design
  • Charity Management
  • IT
  • Writing reports/articles

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  • Make a regular donation by standing order
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter


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