World Bee Day Luncheon

June 8, 2023

A celebration of The Value of Bees and Honey

For World Bee Day, we celebrated “The Value of Bees and Honey” at a special Luncheon at the Wax Chandlers Hall in London. The event brought together some big names in the bee world and was a chance to share stories, ideas and strengthen connections for our on-going work.  

Guests were warmly welcomed to the event by Bees Abroad Patron, Timothy Maile, the Master of Wax Chandlers. Guest speakers, Anne Rowberry, President of the BBKA and Professor Dave Goulson talked about the critical importance of bees and other pollinators for ensuring food security and maintaining a healthy environment. And our own Bisi New (Nigeria Partnership Manager) provided a fascinating example through the story of Mrs Afuape in Nigeria, of how our work supports entrepreneurs who face limited resources but who are driven and capable of achieving great things when supported.  

Spread the honey, spread the message!

The event featured a delightful menu themed around honey, mead and pollen with bee-pollinated plants, and we were delighted to showcase honey from Bees Abroad beekeepers in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Each jar of honey had a QR code that connected to information on our projects, creating excitement and allowing people to learn more about what Bees Abroad, local communities, and our in-country partners can accomplish with the help of our supporters. 

Thank you to all who continue to support Bees Abroad through your engagement, advocacy and donations.

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